Addx Corporation is a solutions provider.  Founded in 2002 and based in Alexandria, VA, we standout by focusing on our customer’s priority needs and delivering solutions to support their success.  For instance, we apply the most appropriate practices and technologies to solve specific problems with a specialty in system level activities and application of subcontractors where best needed.


We believe in the importance of the contributions of government organizations’ to the U.S. citizenry and therefore are and remain service-focused.  Such focus demands building a strong and collaborative team where individual respect embraces a can-do attitude, integrity in action, commitment to mission, and deep expertise.


In Addx, we tenaciously focus on our clients’ unique missions. We listen, we go the extra mile; we don’t stop until the client is satisfied. To deliver on this promise, we commit to hire, train, and retain the very best employees and enable them to innovatively and excellently serve our clients.


To endure as a market leader in delivering Good Government solutions; ones that improve mission efficiency and effectiveness all the while providing measurable public sector return on investment to ensure national security, promote economic prosperity, and advancing national science.


In Addx, superior quality performance is paramount.  We focus on quality delivery, every day and on every action.

Infused Quality Objectives:

  • Ultimate Customer Satisfaction
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Business Integrity
  • Valued Customer and Business Relationships


We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all that we do; we operate ethically. Our culture promotes the responsibility of each employee to perform in an ethical manner based on a solid foundation of honesty and integrity in every aspect of business operations and interaction with customers. Employees maintain a constant awareness of the importance of ethical business conduct to uphold the law, avoid conflicts of interest, and act decisively when confronted with challenging situations.


In Addx, we promote the ideal of Pay it forward to repay benefits of kindness received from others in our community. Whether it is helping small businesses just getting started or contributing to charities of choice, Addx employees embrace the notion that it is better to give than to receive.


CMMI-SVC Level 2

  • 2016 - PRESENT
  • Quality Appraisal Validates Company’s Continuous Improvement Culture
  • Addx Corporation’s appraisal spanned requirements management, supplier agreement management, work planning, service delivery, work monitoring & control, measurement & analysis, configuration management, and process & product quality assurance.

Addx Corporation

4825 Mark Center Drive

Suite 300

Alexandria, VA 22311

Office: (703) 933-7637

Fax: (703) 933-7638

Addx Corporation

Mark Center Drive • Suite 300
Alexandria, VA 22311

Office: (703) 933-7637

Fax: (703) 933-7638