Agile Instructional Systems Design

Agile Instructional Systems Design

Capability Statement

Core Competencies

Agile Instructional Systems Design, or Agile ISD, incorporates the best of traditional instructional design practices and software development project management to produce high-quality training material quickly. The transparency and visibility inherent in Addx’s Agile ISD process means that our customers can focus less on monitoring the work and instead can focus on making the product more valuable. Agile ISD provides for iterative reviews and modifications from the beginning, with the flexibility to change the design mid-stream if that becomes necessary due to changing circumstances or new customer requirements. Continuous re-prioritization ensures that only the most important aspects of the work get done. The end result is a lean product that aligns very closely with what our customer needs and wants.

Agile Project Management

  • Adhere to the Agile values and principles
  • Prepare and distribute information radiators
  • Implement Scrum and Kanban
  • Time-box the work into sprints
  • Prioritize the work into a product backlog

Agile Project Management

  • Provide project metrics
  • Develop release plans, with multiple interim releases per project
  • Communicate effectively with key stakeholders
  • Adjust priorities bi-weekly in collaboration with our customer

Agile ISD

  • Analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate iteratively and incrementally
  • Begin development as soon as early designs are accepted by our customer
  • Provide drafts early and often to our customers for immediate feedback
  • Course-correct as often as needed
  • Adjust design and/or objectives during course development if necessary

Agile ISD

  • Limit Work-In-Progress to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Adhere to the principles of Lean development
  • Apply software development techniques such as paired programming and continuous integration
  • Produce working courseware with each release

Past Performance

Department of Homeland Security Agile Center of Excellence

In 2015 DHS introduced new policy within the systems engineering life cycle (SELC) to include Agile processes. The DHS Agile Center of Excellence (COE) shared their brief with the Addx team of instructors, designers, and ScrumMaster. We were able to quickly adjust course material to align with the new policy, and we actually identified an error in the DHS Agile Development Guidebook that the COE was able to correct for the next version. The relationship between the Addx and government staffs reflects the fundamental tenets of the Addx training organization which blend best training practices, strategic communication, and organizational health improvement to foster the development of high performing organizations.


Shivali Choksi Deputy Director of the Management Consulting Solutions Group
As a Deputy Director of the Management Consulting Solutions Group, Ms. Choksi leads multiple teams on complex Federal engagements in our Management Consulting, Training and Studies and Analyses service lines. Read More
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Company Information

DUNS: 039872622; CAGE:1XPA3 NAICS: 541611, 541612, 541613, 541614, 541618, 611430 GSA Schedules: MOBIS (GS-10F-0349N); GSA FSS BPA for PM/CPI GS10FAA104

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