Business to Business

Need an innovative partner whose ethos, expertise, and enterprise rival your own? Look no further than Addx. Certified to CMMI Maturity Level 2 and DCAA compliant, we're always making good things even better. Over 35 percent of Addx employees hold an advanced degree or certification. And with nine service lines, we offer core competencies that can complement yours. We're qualified to use a wide array of contract vehicles; our funding doors are wide open to 10 Federal agencies, national security and civilian. No wonder Inc. Magazine has recognized Addx three times as one of the 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America. Let our Account Lead / Business Development Group help you extend your reach around the capital, beyond the Beltway, and across the nation.

We believe in the mantra, "A rising tide floats all boats," so if you are interested in teaming with Addx, please contact us directly through our service line points of contact or through one of our account leads listed below.

Teaming with National Security Related Opportunities.
Contact Julius Caesar (703) 933-7637 x217
Teaming with Civilian Federal Related Opportunities.
Contact Larry Bradley (703) 933-7637 x278
Small Business Teaming Related Opportunities (National Security and Civilian Federal).
Contact John Millward (703) 933-7637 x223