Energy Systems Engineering and Science

Energy Systems Engineering and Science

Capability Statement

Core Competencies

If America is to become more prosperous and secure, green energy—and smart ways to create, distribute, and use it—will play a leading role. But engineering a green future comes with costs, risks, and choices that can be bewildering, even for a large agency. The Addx Energy Services team is steered by nuclear and system engineers. For decades, they successfully evaluated, designed, and maintained energy and power systems for the Navy. So whether you’re considering fossil fuel, nuclear energy, renewables, or fuel cells, Addx can help.

Energy Systems Engineering and Science

  • All-source energy analyses
  • Science and R&D support
  • Laboratory and facility support
  • Smart grid – smart metering
  • Nuclear engineering analyses
  • Plant operations analyses

Past Performance

Development and Manufacture of Small Nuclear Power Plants

Working with Galvin Electricity Initiative, Addx led an effort to explore whether it would be feasible for small, nuclear-powered generating systems to be built, distributed to areas underserved by large nuclear- or fossil-fueled power plants, and installed quickly at a competitive cost. Addx helped establish Galvin Energy, LLC, as a viable volume manufacturer and supporter of small, nuclear-powered generating systems that could be operated safely and installed almost anywhere in the world.

Energy Information Administration (EIA), Department of Energy

Addx energy analysts performed energy research studies, analyses, and estimations for three of EIA’s four program offices. They studied the nature and composition of U.S. and international energy sources and reserves; proposed methods and formulas for modeling various theories about energy production and demand; and researched cases where estimates or models had done a poor job of predicting the demand or cost for a specific kind of energy production


Bill Millward President and CEO
Mr. Millward founded Addx Corporation in 2002 to provide customer-focused management and technical solutions supporting national security, economic prosperity, and national sciences missions across the federal government.  As President & CEO, he provides strategic leadership and direction for Addx continued growth. Read More
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Company Information

DUNS: 039872622; CAGE: 1XPA3 NAICS: 541511, 541512, 541513, 541519, 541330 GSA Schedules: IT-70 (GS-35F-0431X); GSA OASIS SB Pool 3 (GS00Q14OADS301) NAICS 541330

The Addx Difference

Hands-On Experience

Our company and Energy team are led by Certified Naval Nuclear engineers with more than 25 years of experience in power plant operations, maintenance, and training.

Disciplined Innovation

As innovative engineers, we challenge antiquated assumptions, applying new technology to innovate with science and engineer with standards.