Management Consulting Solutions

In today's fast-paced environment, program and office operations are evolving daily, changing in size and complexity. Addx delivers dynamic, flexible and scalable management solutions that support the full project lifecycle. We transform processes and advance collaboration to get the job done better, smarter, faster.

Our management consulting solutions group has a tenacious passion for expanding the horizons of human capital and the common sense understanding of practical application and implementation. We approach management consulting as both a science and an art. By infusing decision making with robust data analytics and utilizing virtual practices, we serve as a proven partner that helps customers hone a superior workforce and streamlined workflow. It is critical to be as efficient as possible with resources. We provide customers with reach-back to extensive subject matter expertise and help them document impressive results and return on investment. Ultimately, Addx delivers best-in-class management services and stays ahead of customer needs. From human capital to knowledge management, from training to transformation, we listen to our customers and deliver a wide range of management services with complete understanding, commitment, and tenacity.


  • Wholesale corporate commitment to your success
  • Documented public sector return on investment
  • Reach-back to extensive SME resources
  • Trusted delivery of 'most for your dollar' services

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