Modeling & Simulation, Wargaming, and Experimentation

Modeling & Simulation, Wargaming, and Experimentation

Capability Statement

Core Competencies

Whether you’re a government official or a business leader, you’re often asked to make key decisions without having complete knowledge of the dynamic operating environment. And with today’s reduced budgets, Addx can help you get the information you need, quickly and efficiently. From small, tabletop exercises to more comprehensive modeling and simulation, Addx can help you learn the environment, learn positions held by fellow stakeholders, and discover alternative courses of action.

Computer-Based Modeling and Simulation

Tabletop Exercises



Past Performance

Resources and Assessment Directorate, J-8 (Force Structure), Joint Staff

Addx supported the Warfighting Analysis Division (WAD) model-based study in three overlapping phases. In Phase 1, Addx acquired, manipulated, and validated the models’ input data. In Phase 2, Addx configured and executed computer model runs, using the Unix-based Analytical Computer Suite. In Phase 3, Addx subjected the models’ output to analyses: Addx post-processed the outcomes, identified results that were erroneous or anomalous, corrected inputs that had produced errors, and reran models to confirm that we had improved them. We then represented the data in briefs, reports, graphics, and spreadsheets.

J-7, Joint Force Development, Joint Staff

Addx managers have extensive experience using modeling and simulation, wargames, and experiments to support national security and joint force development decisions. Mr. Camacho served as Chief, Joint Vision and Transformation Division. Another senior manager served as Reserve Deputy Director, J-7, Joint and Coalition Warfighting, and as Vice Director, Joint Concept Development and Experimentation, J-9, U.S. Joint Forces Command, in Suffolk, Virginia.


Patricia Cloud Senior Account Manager, U.S. Air Force Programs
Ms. Cloud is the Account Lead for Air Force (AF) Programs as well as the lead business developer for the Management Consulting Solutions Group.  In this role, she coordinates engagement and capture activities with clients and positions Addx to win business.  Read More
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Company Information

DUNS: 039872622; CAGE:1XPA3 NAICS: 541611, 541612, 541613, 541614, 541618, 611430 GSA Schedules: MOBIS (GS-10F-0349N); GSA FSS BPA for PM/CPI GS10FAA104

The Addx Difference

Exceptional Performance

In 2012 we earned Exceptional ratings on all of our CPARS contracts and received SmartCEO’s GovStar Star Performer Award.

Big Picture Thinking

By focusing on the big picture, we created performance/capability-based investing plans for SAF/A6’s portfolio and were named the USAF’s 2008 Small Business of the Year.