Pricing Support

Pricing Support

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Pricing out your Statement of Work (SOW) or Performance Work Statement (PWS) can be very difficult; determining its true cost is both a science and an art. If your Independent Government Cost Estimates are missing the mark, call the pricing marksmen at Addx. They’ll show you how to price out your work in bite-size tasks; how to make sure your SMEs give you estimates that are ruthlessly real; and how to defend your estimate … and document how you reached it. So when you’re ready to accurately estimate your SOW’s cost the first time, get the Addx Advantage.


  • Pricing strategies
  • Independent Government Cost Estimates
  • "Should" cost
  • Cost/price analysis
  • Cost realism
  • Field pricing / DCAA audit support

Past Performance

Department of Energy

As a DOE business clearance analyst, the Addx Acquisition Services Director developed pricing for a $12 billion construction project. By combining solid fundamentals in pricing techniques with innovative practices, he saved the department more than $150 million in contractor Request for Equitable Adjustments (REAs).


Lynna Hood, CFCM Director, Growth Shared Services
Ms. Hood is responsible for cradle to grave contract/subcontract management and negotiations, proposals, pricing, estimating, and recruiting. She’s an expert on the federal acquisition process, and in particular the defense acquisition system. Read More
Office: (703) 933-7637 x244 Fax: (703) 933-7638


Company Information

DUNS: 039872622; CAGE: 1XPA3 NAICS: 541611, 541219, 541330 GSA Schedules: MOBIS (GS-10F-0349N); OASIS SB Pool 2 NAICS 541219 (GS00Q14OADS201) PSC R704 (Auditing) or R710 (Financial) GSA OASIS SB Pool 3 (GS00Q14OADS301) NAICS 541330

The Addx Difference

Pricing Expertise

The Addx Pricing Team has the experience and knowledge to give you that competitive edge in government pricing.