Technology and Engineering Solutions

There is no room for error when designing and rolling out new technical or engineering solutions. As an agile integrator, Addx has a proven track record of applying scientific methods and a deep understanding of the technical nuances to deliver success - the first time, every time.

Our technologists and engineers provide more than solutions, they provide assurance. They’re known for solving the most intractable challenges agencies face and are tenacious in their pursuit of cost effective yet innovative solutions that harness the latest technologies and engineering practices. Whether it is evaluating, planning, designing, or deploying, we deliver reliability and affordability that enable customers to efficiently manage and maintain systems. We have extensive experience successfully enhancing federal systems from the individual to the enterprise level. With our team of professionals who retain the highest level of technical certifications, we ensure that the job gets done right the first time. At Addx, our expertise is your asset. From dynamic intelligence to legacy modernization to IT governance, we offer a comprehensive set of IT and engineering services founded on expertise, strategy, and collaboration to improve business operations, reduce risk, and promote the success of your mission.


  • Enabled business processes
  • Solution delivered on time
  • Reduced project risk
  • Partner committed to your success

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